Frequently Asked Questions by our subscribers

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Q: What do I do when I see a Diversion or Import report that I registered with an FEIN posted but the company's Name and Address is shown as 'unverified'?
Q: Who can correct a Registered Diversion and how can I tell?
Q: What happens when a company cancels or corrects a registered Diversion?
Q: What is a Diversion?
Q: Why is diversion reporting important?
Q: What information is included in a diversion?
Q: What is an Import/Export?
Q: How does Fueltrac prevent a single IRS registered fuel terminal transaction from having multiple Diversions registered?
Q: Why is import reporting important?
Q: How do I cancel or correct an incorrect registered Diversion?
Q: When I register a Diversion, why do I sometimes receive a Diversion Report + a notification that an Import/Export Report was created?
Q: I am trying to register an import. However the company that owns the bulk facility is not shown on the supplier list. What do I do?
Q: All of a sudden our eMail Diversion/Import notices stopped coming. What happened?