Our team has Information Technology (IT) professionals with a combined experience of over fifty years in developing and implementing systems. These systems range from computerized watershed modeling, Web Server Applications and Network/Internet Security Systems to some of the most advanced computer data warehousing systems in the world. In addition, we have over eight years experience developing and operating electronic data interchange systems for the motor fuel industry.

We are a small company providing cutting edge services. We are also dedicated to providing personal service required to meet our customers’ needs. Fueltrac.us is simply the first step.

One of our partners is nationally known for his work in development of the National Fuel Diversion Registry. This, now dated, interactive voice response system has proven that a single industry-wide system for Reporting/Registering Fuel Diversions and Fuel Export/Imports between States/Provinces reduces fuel marketing costs and facilitates fuel tax reconciliation issues.

Bob Martin

Technical consultant on fuel marketing and reporting. Designer and former operator of the National Fuel Diversion Registry (NFDR) until January 2004. Formerly in charge of all Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Motor Fuel at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Now a Trac III Systems partner striving to facilitate communications and reporting for the Motor Fuel marketing industry.

Cory Martin

Designer, developer and operator of Fueltrac.us. Former Sybase data warehouse consultant, Apple OS X and Sun OS system engineer and operations manager. Now a Trac III Systems partner working to provide the most functional and reliable web Service possible.

Scott Martin

Trac3.net Web site developer and consultant on MS Windows Internet Explorer Internet security. 20 years working on MS Windows intranet networks, internet services and security. 8 years specializing in VMware and server infrastructures. Now a Trac III Systems partner dedicated to clearly communicating to Trac III Systems customers.