Trac III Systems entire network infrastructure consists of Linux Computers. Our system components meet stringent price, performance and the overall security and reliability standards. We provide Trac III Systems customers with the most secure environment available today.

System Security

System security and the security of Internet communication is our top priority. Our customers can be assured that Trac III Systems does not use operating systems that are plagued with virus attacks and inherent security holes. Business information should never be exposed to attacks or third party snooping. To achieve this end, we have sought and installed the most reliable and secure system components available today.
Trac III Systems uses the dependable high performance Linux based servers running Apache. In addition to the inherent security of this environment, Trac III Systems has extended server security to include database encryption. As a result, no unauthorized person can access business data on the server.
Entity authentication and data transmission security are also important parts of Trac III Systems’ Services. Trac III Systems implements https: the Transport Security Layer (TLSv1) protocol for transmitting encrypted data over the Internet. It serves two important purposes:

Data Security

When a user requests a search or filter of their data Fueltrac assembles the requested information in real time. We never store your data in an unencrypted form on Fueltrac. Once a user request has ben fulfilled the data is destroyed. Some times this means a few seconds wait time while large data request are being assembled. However, your data request should never be exposed to others.

Audit Security

Fueltrac registers many hundreds of Diversions an Imports each day. Errors can be made. Therefore, Fueltrac uses a two step process for correcting a Diversion or Import registration. First, when a company user highlights an existing Diversion or Import registration on the list and clicks on the link Correct this Diversion (or Import) Fueltrac on user approval creates a new Diversion or Import which in effect cancels the original. At this stage in the process if only cancellation of the Diversion or Import is needed the correction process is complete. However, if a corrected Diversion or Import must still be registered, the user can now register the transaction with the correct information.

Encrypting private Information

Authenticating sites and clients with X.509 certificates. TLSv1 protocol allows client/server applications to communicate in a way that is designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery. Only modern browsers support this high level of security. Once the user requests the login page all transmissions are secure.

Use of Certificates

In addition, Trac III Systems supports and encourages the use of customer authentication certificates for signing all data transmissions. Trac III Systems believes that business security on the internet should be no less than what we expect in our individual offices. All steps are being taken to provide our customers unsurpassed security and service.