Interstate Transaction Reporting doesn’t have to be Difficult and Expensive…

With the technology that is available today, companies should not have to invest tens of thousands of dollars on applications that help them do business with trading partners. They should not have to hire technical staff or be concerned with software licensing, staff training, purchasing support or installing upgrades. They should be concerned with their core business.

  • Fueltrac.us is a web application that allows companies to inform states and their trading partners about transactions across state lines.
  • It provides a means for companies to meet State reporting laws and avoid reporting fines.
  • It provides access to historical data in a format that can be imported into auditing tools or viewed in clear, concise reports.
  • E-mail reporting, diversion printing and error checking, coupled with the convenience and value of having your information available in a secure environment.
  • Our goal is to remove the inflated cost of trading partner interaction, so our customers can focus solely on the business at hand.

Trac III Systems, LLC, established in 2002, is a technology firm intent on simplifying the interaction between Trading Partners and the States with whom they do business. We possess the ability to simplify the communication and the transfer of financial reporting documents in a secure environment, while freeing our customers from the ever increasing cost of supporting a specialized in-house system of their own.

Future modules, forth coming, will simplify other aspects of reporting even more so. Importing accounting files, exporting to partners and single click reporting will enhance the partnership between Member States and Companies alike.